Welcome to our amazing journey and self-build.

Our amazing journey starts here.

In 2010 we decided to give up working in the city of London and moved to the country.

We now enjoy the rural lifestyle with chickens, horses, and dogs. 

Living the dream.

Collage of living in the country

However, in June 2015, we started on a dream of a self-build project.

Replacing our old wooden garage with a new modern luxury living apartment with a double garage.

Old garage and new Barn

How did we get from this to this?

Every journey starts with the 1st step the journey begins

Every journey starts with the 1st step, then the  journey begins

Planning permission approved was ready to start the build.

We wanted to build a 2 storey Oak Frame building, with a fully functioning luxury apartment with a large double garage below.

The first step was to pull down and remove the previous garage.

I was worried about dismantling the old wooden garage by hand so I hooked a chain to my 4 x 4 and pulled the garage to the ground.

My original time scale to build this myself was based on “a finger in the air” to test for prevailing wind guessing 6 months tops

 Clearing the Bank and digging the footings

Pulling the old garage down with my 4 X 4, I could now start excavating the bank and footings using hired heavy machinery.

Like I said, working in the city as a project manager obviously gave me all the skills and experience needed to start using:

  • 3 Ton Diggers 
  • 3-ton dumper truck

to excavate the footings and move the earth from the bank.

After 5 minutes induction from the delivery driver, I was off digging, taking extreme care  looking for cables, etc.

The Digger and Dumper, was great fun

Digger and Dumper
Finished digging